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40 hours: Rape Response Services Advocate training

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April 2013, BDN Newsroom Administrator Natalie Feulner and Editorial Page Editor Erin Rhoda took 40 hours of training to become advocates for victims of sexual assault. The training was provided by Rape Response Services, a subsidiary of Penquis in Bangor, to ready volunteers to meet victims at the hospital […]

What will build a workforce for Maine’s future?

A number of efforts are already underway in Maine to  build a workforce ready to take on the jobs of Maine’s economic future. The Democratic majority made the state’s workforce a key issue of this year’s legislative session, assigning a special legislative committee the task of developing legislation aimed at strengthening the state’s workforce. The […]

Demographics are destiny for Maine’s workforce

Demographics, as economists say, is destiny. Maine’s destiny is bleak. In many counties, deaths outnumber births. Young people are leaving. Those that stay in Maine are, generally, less educated. Manufacturing jobs are drying up and not being replaced. If Maine wants to reverse this trend of economic decline and stagnation, it must adopt innovative policies […]

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