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Training ME: Hard questions about the University of Maine are being asked amid another budget crisis. The community college system is successful, but even so, the state still lacks the workforce it needs. What must change about higher education in Maine to be sustainable and develop the workers of tomorrow?

Ideas to grow Maine’s economy discussed at our first MaineFocus event

BDN Maine brought together a well-spoken group of individuals to discuss Solutions for Maine’s Economy last week. It was our first MaineFocus event on Growing Maine’s Economy and was held at the University of Maine’s Abromson Center. We plan to have other such events, which as part of the MaineFocus project are based on solutions, […]

Do Maine’s foreign immigrants provide untapped economic potential?

Over the weekend, the Bangor Daily News published an article by freelancer Kirsten Sylvain that raises an important question: Does Maine’s immigrant community hold untapped economic potential? The job of the MaineFocus project is to consider solutions for Maine’s economic challenges, and this article addressed a solution that to my knowledge hasn’t received much attention. […]

Will a bottom-up approach to statewide economic development planning succeed where past efforts have failed?

As part of the Bangor Daily News’ coverage of Maine’s changing economy, we’ve discussed the state’s lack of a long-term economic development strategy. Past attempts created and funded from Augusta, such as the Maine Development Foundation and Maine & Co., while still doing good work, have not been given the resources to follow through on […]

MaineFocus highlighted as unique effort in ‘solutions journalism’

A few week ago, Natalie Feulner, Erin Rhoda and I spoke with Keith Hammonds, chief operating officer of the Solutions Journalism network, about MaineFocus and its mission. SoJo, as it’s known, is a new nonprofit pushing news organizations to introduce “solutions” based reporting, as well as support solutions-based journalism and journalists across the country. Keith’s […]

No ‘one size fits all’ economic strategy for Maine?

What’s the best way to plan for Maine’s economic future? Leave it to the regions, argues Michael Aube, president of Eastern Maine Development Corporation in Bangor. In an OpEd published this week in the Bangor Daily News, the former commissioner of economic and community development argues that a statewide economic development strategy is ill-suited to […]

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