A state role for growing Maine’s economy

It’s a constant debate at the state and national levels: What role does government properly play in growing our economy? Does government simply put into place the policies that are hospitable to economic growth, or does the state do something more?

The state has an important role to play in making funds available for research and development that can help transform ideas into marketable and job-creating products and services, the BDN argues in a Tuesday editorial.

In the coming months, lawmakers will meet to put together a package of bond proposals and send them out to voters for their approval. A research and development bond should be among the mix, the BDN argues.

“The innovations that have changed lives, increased productivity, spawned new industries and created new jobs have started with research,” the editorial reads. “And government has an important — though not exclusive — role to play in helping to pay for the research and product development that private businesses often have trouble justifying in their own budgets because of the lack of a certain and immediate payoff.”

It’s in lawmakers’ hands this year to get the ball rolling on one of the most important investments the state can make in Maine’s economic future. They have information that can help them make the right choices. What remains to be seen is whether they have the political will.

Read the BDN editorial: Lawmakers, LePage: Revive Maine’s economy with research, innovation.

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