30 days, 30 columns about sexual violence as part of “Shed Light” project

For Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April 2013, the BDN published an OpEd or column every day relating to sexual assault. We heard about healthy sexuality, street harassment, the challenge of addressing sexual violence in rural areas, the long-lasting effects of child abuse, and the isolation that male victims experience. Below are many of the […]

What will build a workforce for Maine’s future?

A number of efforts are already underway in Maine to  build a workforce ready to take on the jobs of Maine’s economic future. The Democratic majority made the state’s workforce a key issue of this year’s legislative session, assigning a special legislative committee the task of developing legislation aimed at strengthening the state’s workforce. The […]

Following the evidence: How Maine investigates crimes

When we started the Maine Focus projects, we knew we wanted our work to extend beyond more traditional reporting. Our work needed to include longer-form, explanatory pieces as well. We feel these stories not only help educate the community about the three Maine Focus issues but can help identify tangible solutions as well. Reporter Nok-Noi […]

Demographics complicate Maine’s economic future

In many Maine counties, deaths outnumber births. Young people are leaving. Those who stay in Maine are often less educated. Manufacturing jobs are drying up and not being replaced. The state’s workforce is increasingly made up of aging workers. If Maine wants to reverse this trend of economic decline and stagnation, many argue the state […]

Maine’s workforce is getting better; how can we make sure it continues?

While labor force gains resulting from the growing attachment of older workers to the labor force are anticipated to more than offset losses stemming from other demographic changes, the slowly growing and aging workforce will be a problem as employers seek to replace experienced workers and expand their businesses.One means of accommodating reduced quantity is […]

A model for drug rehabilitation in Maine: The CARA Project

Photographer Carter McCall recently spent more than a month capturing images and video of participants of the Kennebec County Jail’s Criminogenic Addiction Recovery Academy program. CARA, as the program is more often called, was started in 2010 and is a 5.5 week program that focuses on group therapy and skill building. Most participants are at […]

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