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More people are celebrating Maine’s sense of place

It’s always a pleasure to hear how a particular Maine Focus piece prompts someone to do something. You might remember the project we did in mid-January called My Maine Culture where people across the state sent in images and descriptions of what Maine means to them. We published 50 of them. It turns out the project inspired a similar effort […]

Do you run a Maine business that does amazing things for older workers? We can’t find you

There are two big efforts underway to find Maine businesses with innovative practices that support caregivers and aging workers. The point: To spread the word about those local policies, so other business owners and communities can learn the best ways to recruit, retain and engage older employees. In one effort, a work group led by the Maine Council on […]

How can Maine communities support older residents? Send us your ideas

We’d appreciate your feedback! On Friday, Maine Focus published the first piece in a yearlong series on aging in Maine called Age of Opportunity. The series will highlight people, organizations, towns and businesses that are helping keep older residents safe, healthy and happy. Our first piece told the story of At Home Downeast, a first-of-its-kind […]

33 of your ideas to hold batterers accountable

Last week, Maine Focus published a piece describing how a vast majority of domestic violence offenders convicted in Maine courts are not ordered to attend a batterers’ intervention program as part of their probation. Instead, most batterers are required to complete psychological counseling and anger management, despite broad consensus by experts and state agencies that […]

Maine fails to put batterers in programs that address roots of domestic violence — and pays for it

After 19 years running an educational program in Bangor for men who are abusive to their partners, Kathryn Maietta has seen many changes in how the community responds to incidents of domestic violence. But one important aspect has not changed: A vast majority of domestic violence offenders convicted in Maine courts are not ordered to attend […]

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