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What should Maine do to draw more people here?

Fluid Imaging Technologies, which manufactures a first-of-its-kind imaging particle analyzer, has been growing — and fast. In addition to attracting lots of capital, it has doubled its number of employees in the past year.  But one thing has CEO Kent Peterson, and others across Maine, worried. How will the state address its population decline and its anticipated […]

Why don’t you just leave?

Billie-Jean Niedorowski, an advocate at Spruce Run-Womancare Alliance in Bangor, put her domestic violence experience to paper in an OpEd for the BDN today. She details horrific examples of her former abuser’s control. Importantly, she discusses why it’s not easy to leave. She writes: For all the screaming and crying, all I knew was I […]

The wide reach of domestic violence homicide

Each year, an estimated 30,000 people are victims of domestic violence in Maine. Even if people don’t experience the crime directly, it leaves a wide path of devastation. People never know when the crime will happen to someone they love and tear into their own life. It happened to Pat Pendleton, 72, of Rockport, who recently shared her experience dealing with the shooting death of her daughter, Vicki, in 1987, and raising her two children.

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