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Why you should practice affirmative consent: It’s healthy (and sexy)

A few weeks ago, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that compels California universities to use an “affirmative consent” standard when investigating campus sexual assaults. As Amanda Hess from Slate explains, This means that during an investigation of an alleged sexual assault, university disciplinary committees will have to ask if the sexual encounter […]

Carrying a mattress until a rapist is punished — and other examples of the culture we live in

A friend of mine recently asked me what I thought of the woman from Columbia University whose senior art project is to carry around a mattress until the student who raped her is removed from campus. A few thoughts came to mind. First, I thought, “Yes. You go, woman.” Then, I was disappointed that someone […]

Two things you can do to prevent child sexual abuse

Last week, I attended the National Children’s Alliance Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. During several interesting sessions about child sexual abuse and conversations with colleagues from around the country, I again was thinking about how to respond to the inevitable question of, “But what can I do to help prevent and respond to child sexual […]

White House report on campus sexual violence laudable, misses an important mark

In a time of consistent reports of colleges and universities failing to take campus sexual violence seriously, the White House created the White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault, which released its first report, Not Alone this week. As with many issues related to sexual violence, the issue of campus sexual violence […]

Want to prevent sexual violence? Start with healthy sexuality.

If I walked up to 100 strangers on the street and asked them to define healthy sexuality, I’m guessing responses would range from uncomfortable laughs to puzzled looks to real responses. In my life, I’ve certainly had difficulty defining what “healthy sexuality” means and in fact, most Americans do. Pause for a moment and think […]

Football, violent crime, and our hero worship

Over the last few days, I’ve been sent the New York Times’ latest interactive article on campus sexual assault several times. The article details the error-filled investigation of a rape reportedly perpetrated by star freshman quarterback – and Heisman trophy winner – Jameis Winston. People are (rightfully) outraged and disgusted that Florida State University and […]

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