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Football, violent crime, and our hero worship

Over the last few days, I’ve been sent the New York Times’ latest interactive article on campus sexual assault several times. The article details the error-filled investigation of a rape reportedly perpetrated by star freshman quarterback – and Heisman trophy winner – Jameis Winston. People are (rightfully) outraged and disgusted that Florida State University and […]

Stand up, step forward

Today marks the launch of Stand Up, Step Forward. Watch it. It could save a child’s life. In 2012, almost 50 percent of contacts with Maine’s sexual assault support programs were from or about someone who experienced sexual violence under the age of 18. Because child sexual abuse is so under-reported, we cannot determine the full […]

Getting to the root of rape

When a reporter calls to interview me about specific cases of sexual assault or rape, nine times out of 10 I’m asked, “What can people do to keep themselves safe?” It’s an important question to ask, and it’s a question the public wants answered. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t simple, and (thankfully) it doesn’t include, “Don’t […]

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