Do you run a Maine business that does amazing things for older workers? We can’t find you

There are two big efforts underway to find Maine businesses with innovative practices that support caregivers and aging workers. The point: To spread the word about those local policies, so other business owners and communities can learn the best ways to recruit, retain and engage older employees.

In one effort, a work group led by the Maine Council on Aging is looking for existing best practices. The Workforce and Employment Group, which is supporting the goals outlined in Maine’s Blueprint for Action on Aging, is surveying industry and business leaders to discover innovative policies and practices that support older workers.

If you can speak for your company, please click here to fill out the survey.

The group hopes to have the survey completed by Feb. 12 and plans to share key findings with participants.

In a similar vein, Maine Focus has put out a survey as part of its yearlong series called Age of Opportunity on people who are meeting the needs of an aging population.

This month we’ll feature businesses offering valuable assistance to older workers. Perhaps they offer flexibility on work scheduling, comprehensive wellness plans or have successfully done succession planning.

The only problem? Few people appear to know of such businesses.

So far 129 people have taken the survey where, in addition to other things, they can suggest aging-friendly businesses for us to look into. Only five of them have offered business names.

If you’re a business owner or not, consider taking this survey below to offer your insight into businesses with aging-friendly practices, and to share how you’d like to be supported as you or your loved ones grow older:

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