“We tend to overlook how close we, or people we know know, have come to devastating addiction”

Alex Steed, in his younger years.

Alex Steed, in his younger years.

Bangor Daily News blogger Alex Steed posted Thursday his personal account of the time in his life where he was addicted to pills.

“I started taking Ambien, Zoloft and other assorted pills without a prescription when I was taking care of my aging father. I would say that I was doing so recreationally, but that is not a particularly accurate description of what I was trying to get out of doing them. I smoked a good deal of pot, too, which I would never suggest I was addicted to. I was, however, certainly keen on shutting out any and all feeling while I watched my father die.

His story is introspective, candid and deeply personal.

“I also bring this up because a handful of recent events and comments from LePage have rekindled conversations about solutions to these problems, and addiction in general. Too often I hear folks talk about how drug addiction is something that people choose to go through. The circumstances are different for everyone, of course, but this perspective ignores the complicated circumstances by which people get themselves into trouble.

Read his story over at his blog, Steed.BangorDailyNews.com.

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